ANIOSGEL 85 NPC Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia / Tested Under Dermatological Control / Formulated Without Any Allergising Substance / Formulated Without Fragrance Nor Colouring / Active Against Bacteria, Yeasts, Moulds and viruses / Thixotropic Hydroalcoholic Gel to be Used Without Water / Formulated in France
SKU: NS-AN1002
MYR 30.00 excl tax


Carry out hygienic treatment in these cases: Removal of gloves. At the start of service/ at the end of service. A day-to-day activity, hotel activities. Treatments involving contact with healthy skin. After contact with a patient in septic isolation. Before carrying out any invasive procedure (peripheral catheter, urinary probe and other similar devices). After contact with infected patient or his/her environment. Between patients after any potentially contaminating procedure. Before any contact with a patient in protective isolation. Before carrying out a lumbar puncture, ascites puncture or articular drain-off, or other similar procedures. Before handling intravascular devices, pleural drains, implantable chambers and other similar situations. In the case of a series of contaminating actions for the same patient.

Carry out surgical disinfection in these cases: Before any surgical, obstetric or interventional radiology procedure. Before any procedure for which surgical asepsis is required: inserting a central or spinal catheter, implantable chamber, amniocentesis, pleural drain and other similar situations.

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